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Collins, Len

When I first began playing guitar I found the process much harder than I expected. Not to be discouraged, I began teaching myself music theory, chord structure and improvisation. Playing with local musicians improved my performance techniques, tested my knowledge and helped me master the guitar fretboard with great accuracy. Teaching myself had its advantages; I created new ways to combine theory and musicianship. Reading music, for me, became a source of creativity for improvisation and learning scales.

I became a professional, freelance guitarist known for my ability to play live at a moments notice, whatever the style. I would enhance the music and entertain the audience. My guitar accompanied solo singers, musicians and songwriters of every music genre. Those years were busy, exciting and everything I wanted my playing career to achieve.

My students follow the same path I chose for myself; Learn the fretboard, sight read music, understand scales and modes and where chords come from. I have been teaching that way for over 30 years. My students think for themselves and follow my example to enjoy their progress and overcome all the obstacles with determination and creativity.

The KDF Academy is a unique opportunity to teach the music students of the school to play, perform and present themselves in a manner they, and their parents, will be proud of. Musicians from the academy will have a future that will shine bright and, in time, they will pass their knowledge and playing ability on to the generations who follow. It is a privilege for me to educate and encourage young members of the Kachomo community at the KDF Academy.

I held the Guinness World Record for the worlds largest music lesson 2004-2006.

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