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KDF Academy agricultural department will teach the latest developments in farming suitable for small cost effective production.

The environment

Protecting the environment means protecting the local community, our students will be at the forefront of raising public awareness and new ideas.

Natural recourses

Our classes will study land, fish from water bodies, livestock, wetlands, forests, wildlife, water, minerals and climate.

New technologies

Our young farmers will learn communicate new farming methods to established farmers, helping them feed themselves and communities around.

Key Goals

  1. The Agriculture Academy

    Through our KDF Agriculture Academy students we aim to bring life back to the community with new solutions to planting and raising crops.

  2. Livestock

    Improved animal feeds and rearing community livestock will at the forefront of our course specifically designed to raise the standard of living in the area.

  3. Reaching out to the community

    Our students will learn their skills within the academy grounds and create in the surrounding villages working examples of how to improve crop productivity.

  4. Welcoming the local farmers

    The doors of the KDF Agriculture Academy will always be open to representatives of local villages seeking advice and help. Our students will learn from them what is really needed. We will arrange an academy visit them on their farms.

  5. Caring for the people and their way of life

    Traditional farming methods will be respected as new technology is introduced. New, is not always better unless it can be seen to improve the situation.

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