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Reading Music

The ability to sight read a piece of music is an essential requirement for any singer, or instrumentalist wishing to enjoy sharing their skills with other musicians.

Sight reading music involves fast thinking and quick reactions. All our young musicians learn to sight read music and know how to improvise.

History of African Music

Understanding the past is as vital to an African musician as living in the present. The KDF music academy will encourage our students to learn this need.

Throughout the school year our students will to travel to the villages the perform their music and listen to stories told by the villagers about their inheritance.


The KDF Vocational school choir, open to all academy students. Members of the choir will learn to sight read music as part of their development as singers.

Learn to sing as a soloist, a vocalist in a band or as a member of a choir. It is one of natures great pleasures and a joy to perform.


All soloists and groups will perform with regularity during the academic year to encourage audience awareness and self confidence.

By creating a lively and enquiring mind music is known to be beneficial to every aspect of academic life. Performance takes music to the community.

Key Goals: Music

  1. The Music Academy

    Music students at the KDF Music Academy come to us to experience and learn about music and singing under the guidance of Len Collins and music teachers drawn from nearby towns and cities.

    We are a new school with the aim to provide our students with musical training in a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere. Our school will grow into a premier environment for learning a musical instrument, singing and developing musical skills. Age range 14yrs - 25yrs.

    Our students will take part in a production at the end of each term in which they showcase their musical skills to the rest of the school and to guests and parents. Music is also a main feature of collective worship every day.

    Sight reading music and creativity are an integral part of our music school's philosophy.

    Performing with other musicians encourages social skills and good musicianship creating teamwork and a platform for ideas.

    Music lessons improve a student's well being as they reach targets set by their music teacher. Practice and patience are the key to developing coordination and motor skills.

  2. Reading music

    All students at the KDF Music Academy will learn to read music and be encouraged to use the skills when playing an instrument or singing.
    To achieve this, music students will be taught from basics to sight reading in the first term. They will do this before starting to learn an instrument or the commencement of singing lessons in the second term.
    New advanced KDF Music Academy techniques in music reading, music reading games and backing tracks will produce high quality musicians.
    Students will be provided with music reading materials written and designed by Len Collins, executive manager of the KDF Music Academy.
    Weekly assessments of each student will be undertaken by their music teacher to ensure support for all members of the class.

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  3. Playing an instrument and music theory

    Instrumentalists will start at beginner level before assessment and grading takes place.
    Playing, listening to and naming each note on their instrument will provide a solid foundation for future progress.
    Essential skills in the form of linking the note names played on an instrument to their position on the stave will have the highest priority.
    All KDF Music Academy music students will learn, understand and apply music theory to everything they play helping develop connectivity with other musicians.
    Students will be encouraged by their music teachers to write songs, improvise and form out of school music groups to show leadership and independence.
    Regular performances in the academy and in the community will engage our young musicians and their achievements with local residents.

  4. Singing

    KDF Music Academy choirs are open to students in the music academy and our three sister academy's (Agriculture - Textiles - Sports.)
    Our choir master will assess each singer and assign a vocal range and skill level at auditions before the term begins.
    Vocal technique, singing in tune with a good sense of pulse and rhythm will be developed throughout each term.
    During music lessons singers will be taught to demonstrate their sight reading ability, how to harmonise and to work as a soloist and within a group.
    Sheet music for the singing lessons will be provided by the KDF Music Academy. Students are welcome to bring their own music for private tuition.

  5. Summary

    We aim to bring a strong musical presence to the academy and the surrounding community.
    Our music teachers will inspire confidence in their students, encouraging a strong understanding of music theory, technique, creativity and performance.

    Click here to learn more about Mr. Len Collins executive manager of music at the KDF Music Academy.

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