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Sport is for everyone

Boys and girls are welcome to join our sports academy. Football, volleyball, table tennis, hockey and basketball are all on the agenda.

The KDF sports academy believes in the benefit and power of sport. Everyone is welcome to join a team, we all need exercise.

Health and Safety

Supervision of all training sessions by experienced staff secure students welfare and safety including monitoring of sports facilities indoors and out.

We welcome students interested in becoming equipped to maintain the fitness of athletes in the academy and beyond.

Emotional development

Being active has a beneficial impact on young people. Physical activity has a positive impact on the mood and mind. We assess our students through each term.

Sport is strategy, mental agility, stronger communities, strong personalities. Where would we be without sport?

We are a healthy team

KDF sports academy is a team: Executives, teachers, coaches, medical staff, welfare officers, security and players. We all work and play as a team.

Athletes will learn to eat healthy, well-balanced meals and snacks to get the nutrients needed to perform.

Key Goals

  1. The Sports Academy

    KDF Sports academy coaches encourage our students to learn persistence and patience through practice and performance in the sports hall and playing field ready for the challenges of the game and for life.

  2. Building leaders

    We encourage leadership and self-reliance from every team member and every member of staff. Maintaining a high level of personal fitness is where leadership begins.

  3. Serving the community

    Sports academy students will be doing community service such as visiting the community hospitals to raise the spirits of those in need. Revenue from programme and tickets sales at school tournaments will help provide the Kachomo elderly with extra items they need.

  4. Encouraging teamwork

    Organised tournaments will take place during the school term to focus young minds on the need to work hard, build social relationships and enjoy the rewards of training.

  5. Healthy living

    Building social awareness and a strong body and mind are essential for a healthy lifestyle.

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