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Knitted garments, carpets, fabrics and wearable apparel for local communities and for much needed income from export make the KDF Textile academy will lead the way in establishing a strong future for textile industry in Uganda.


New techniques for producing fabric from raw material will be studied by our textiles students and where possible introduced into the local community. Modern technology will reduce the cost of fabric and ensure a fair income for the villages.

Dress making

Tailoring skills and the use of up-to-date machines will encourage the younger generations in the community to create garments which are hard wearing, fashionable and pleasing to wear. Our student will be taught to use the very best tailoring methods.


The choice of outdoor and indoor clothing, bedroom attire, curtains and upholstery starts with an eye catching design. Textured fabrics using a wide range of colour and various printing techniques will fill our Textiles academy with many wonderful in-house designs.

Key Goals

  1. The Design & Technology Academy

    Design & Technology always has been and always will be a way provide a means for clothing the community and for sale on a wider market. Our Textiles students will learn the latest methods in fabric design and preparation and share their knowledge with those most in need.

  2. Design & Technology in the local community

    KDF Design & Technology students will travel to the surrounding areas to talk to the communities. Students will understand the needs of the people and provide the foundation for small, locally run village based textile businesses for local use and export. Our students will learn in an academic situation and with a 'hands on' approach.

  3. Dress in style

    Fabric design is essential for personal use and for export. A good looking garment will make the wearer feel good and return to the designer for more. Our students will study the latest techniques in fabric design and maintenance.

  4. Monthly demonstrations

    We will encourage our students to promote their techniques for improving the life of fabrics and our young designers to be proud of their creativity with monthly exhibitions in the academy and the villages and towns.

  5. Manufacturing

    Our students will visit manufactures of sewing machines, looms for weaving and cotton production to understand the complexities of producing fabric to wear, bed coverings and toweling. An invitation to business owners to come to the academy and explain the problems faced in the production of good quality textiles and how they overcome them will be a regular feature of each term.

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